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Why should I use a pet sitter?

Most pets enjoy their own environment best and may dislike the changes holidays might bring if they were sent to new places or kennels. Pets may become stressed and withdrawn when away from their own home.

What do you do on a visit?

Our pet sitting visits include: Fresh food and water in clean bowls, brushing, litter box cleaned, birdcage cleaned, medication given if needed, “daily pat and play time” and “head to tail “ checks, poop, post, plants, refuge bin placing and daily perimeter checks for peace of mind. Inside light and alarm management included for FREE if required.

Do you always visit at the time we ask for?

We book your visits within a time frame and will be there during that time. During peak times, such as holidays visits may vary, unless your pet needs medicine at a specific time.

Do you clean up if my pet has an accident?

Yes, we will clean up after your pets to the best of our ability. If there are regular accidents, we might ask you to book an additional visit during the day.

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